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I’ve owned several robes throughout my life, and currently I own what I consider to be a versatile selection of three robes that include a terrycloth short-sleeve style, a long-sleeve warmer style and finally now, this new sensual style from Baci Lingerie. The reason why I keep so many robes is because they each have their purpose. In the winters, I obviously reach for the coziest robe and summertime is when I wear the short-sleeved terrycloth robe. I usually don’t just wear my robes as I get out of the shower. I like to take my time in them while I glam up before a hot date or a night on the town. With Baci Lingerie’s silky satin robe, my glam look has gotten an upgrade, and it’s a style that is comfortable to wear regardless of the temperature. With this gorgeous, sleek white robe on, I feel beautiful already — even before I start my hair and makeup glam routine.

Baci Lingerie’s white satin robe feels sensual against the skin with the caress of the silky satin-like material covering my body. The tag says that the robe is made of 100 polyester, however the material is silky like satin, while still feeling like a sturdy article of clothing that will last through multiple wears. I especially love how the robe feels against my skin after a relaxing bubble bath, which is always followed by moisturizing and applying one of my favorite fragrances. This robe is perfect for an evening of self-care, as well as while prepping for a sexy night out.

This satin robe, which is part of Baci Lingerie’s White Label collection, also is a perfect accessory to wear on top on revealing lingerie. I donned this sleek white robe over my black lace bra and panty set as I welcomed my boyfriend over one evening, and it was the perfect piece to tease him with. I kept it on as I served us some wine and allowed the robe to open, thus revealing peeks of the lingerie that awaited him underneath. This robe really works overtime! Not only does it put me in the mood for relaxation, but also enhances sensual experiences with my lover.

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