Zolo Edgemaster Squeezable Vibrating Male Stimulator

Manufacturer Description: There’s lots to tell you about Edgemaster from our pals at Zolo, but first, it’s time for a quick refresher on edging. Trust us, it’ll come in handy. Edging is when you bring yourself riiiiight to the edge of orgasm, stop, and repeat. Anyone can play around with edging, but it’s extra effective […]

Limited Edition Snug Plug 2

This beautiful, bronze, silicone, weighted plug lives up to its name as a limited-edition special anal toy. With its distinctive shape; long, flexible, narrow neck; and slender butt crack fit, this plug is ideal for long-term wear or anal training. With just enough heft to settle into willing sphincters, a simple shimmy can send the […]

Pzazz – XBIZ.com

This dual toy is wicked awesome. I totally pulled a Joey from “Blossom

Elite Neo Omnia 7-Inch Silicone Dual Density Dildo

This looks like it came out of the Matrix, and I love it! Part of me wants to get a bunch and stick them on my ceiling like those little glow-in-the-dark stars you can get. This idea delights me, but also, this toy in general delights me. Who doesn’t love a glow-in-the-dark dildo that feels […]

Love Botz Auto Milker Extreme 16X Sucking Masturbator

Have you ever been sucked off by a toy? No? Well, this is one you should consider. Triple sensation (suction, vibration, and squeezing) will have your penis standing at attention. It can be used for penis owners — that is, on both ends of the spectrum as it relates to size and girth. The interior […]

Gender X – XBIZ.com

I fell in love with the handle to start; it’s fantastic for people with dexterity problems, making it user-friendly. The head’s flexibility is a significant plus; I mean, you can hit angles that you could only imagine. The vibrational speeds and functions of this toy are incredible; they’re strong, but not overpowering, which is fantastic […]

Perfect Practice – XBIZ.com

Stylishly packaged in a clean, black box with a slip-off label, this is the perfect gift to open the back door of pleasure. Three comfortably shaped, silicone anal plugs are nestled in the clear interior clamshell, with a Perfect Practice guidebook to teach about safe and sensual anal discovery. The three plugs, ranging in width […]

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