Soraya 2 –

LELO always delivers when it comes to their items, and this new treat is no different. The Soraya 2 is a sleek classy vibe that gives you an elegant feel. This dual massager is made to hit you in all the right spots. The handle makes its easy to maneuver and control on yourself or your partner. The silicone paired with the chrome is one of my favorite combinations. The deep rumbles will send shivers down your body as you cycle through the different modes. The clitoral piece snuggles right up in there for amazing sensations. Your g-spot will thank you for buying this toy. It also comes with a one-year warranty and a 10-year guarantee. Total satisfaction!

LELO is one of those brands that people come in asking for by name. They have great displays and set-ups to showcase their products in your store. This is an item you will want a test of so you can show people how amazing it is. A perfect addition to your LELO section in stores.

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