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Bath and body products have only grown in popularity in recent years, as self-care became a trending topic among people of all ages. Pretty much anyone coping with stress can benefit from taking a break while soaking in a relaxing bubble bath. I always complete my at-home spa experience with a scented lotion or oil to indulge in its soothing smell and feel. Particularly with regular spas closed during the pandemic, treating myself to self-care at home was even more necessary. I became more interested in bath and body products during the quarantine and while I used to settle for the items at the drugstore or Target, nowadays I’m shopping for more unique scents and quality products. While stores like Bath and Body Works might have an expansive selection, I’m also now always on the lookout for smaller companies to support.

Sliquid is most commonly known as a quality manufacturer of lubricants; however, their skin-friendly range also includes the Sliquid Balance Collection of spa products that are infused with aromatic essential oil fragrances. Featuring items such as bubble bath, massage oil, feminine wash and shave cream, the Sliquid Balance line also has Soothe body lotion — which has become one of my favorites. I chose the Mandarin Bergamot option because I rarely find lotions in this scent. The black and gold bottle is tall and thin with a pump top that easily dispenses the thick lotion. The packaging is elegant and gender-neutral, as is the scent, which would appeal to any and all consumers.

One of the benefits of this lotion is how well it hydrates and how little is needed to moisturize my entire body. Made with all-natural, organic ingredients, Soothe’s olive oil and shea butter formula leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, as well as smelling beautifully. The scent is long lasting and is a nice reminder to relax as I wear it throughout the day. I’m definitely one of those people that value self-care and this lotion helps me to make sure that I make self-care a part of my daily routine. So far, I’ve paired Soothe with the Soak bubble bath from the Sliquid Balance line with amazing results. I can’t wait to try others in the line and treat myself to full-body spa treatment.

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