Lapdance 2-Piece Queen Bee Booty Short & Top Set

Lapdance 2-Piece Queen Bee Booty Short & Top Set

This set really gave me sexy athletic wear vibes, and I was not mad at it. If you’re into a good sweaty workout in the bedroom, this outfit is sure to kickstart the fun. The top real has the sex appeal, with the design only covering the nipples and letting everything else have its time in the spotlight. The bottoms are so cute, and I love the ruffling in the back. It’s a really easy set to throw in a bag when you’re on the go, and you aren’t sure whether sexy time will ensue or you will want to entice someone visually.

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Manufacturer Description:

Be the queen of the room in the latest offering by Lapdance! Making a statement has never been sexier… but this two piece set does just that! An unbelievably sexy bra-type top consists of a strap over each breast, and a matching one below, finished in a halter-style and barring the word “Queen

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