Heavy Flogger Braided –

This is one of the most amazingly crafted floggers I have come across in my days in the land of sex toys. Made of only the highest quality of leathers, this flogger is like a work of art. Its tails are made of Italian leather with heavy suede and the handle is wrapped with pure kangaroo leather for endurance and to make it long lasting. You might even want to just hang on your wall in your living room as a decoration. The intertwining of the two colors of leather is pleasing to the eye.

It is just beautifully made; I cannot say it enough. The handle is a nice length and easy to grip and use. It feels sturdy as you are using it. The tails were crafted and braided together to make the sensation a heavier impact. It has a total of 50 tails. Highly recommend.

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