Glams Spades Trainer Kit – NS Novelties

This kit combines some of my all-time favorite things: pink, sparkle, and rainbows! Now add in some butt play and you are in for a hell of a good time. The three sizes offered are just the right three plugs. The small is perfect for just starting out and each size up takes you on another adventure. The silicone is incredible silky smooth and glides along the skin with ease and allows the flared base move with you. Complete the amazingness with the rainbow gem accent on the end. How fantastic will your booty look with that sparkly addition? Shake your booty around and let it catch the light and put on a show.

Perfect for all occasions. So pretty you might just want to keep them out for display. Silicone comes up around the gems to keep them in place. Dazzle up your booty today!

NS Novelties has an amazing line up of anal toys and plugs. This will make an excellent addition to what of theirs you already carry. Simple box with window in the back so customers can see the product for themselves. Hangs on tabs but also can be displayed on the shelf. Great for all levels of anal experience.

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