BlueMotion Nex|2 –

BlueMotion Nex|2

I am so smitten with this toy. It is a great fit both in my hand and inside of me. The length of this toy is literal perfection for me, stimulating all the right areas. I also thought that the girth was just enough. It is perfect for those times when you want to be filled, but you aren’t wanting to be stretched. I really like the heart shape of the buttons’; it is so cute! I am a big fan of the ability to sync the vibrations with music. I love an app- controllable toy because it allows for some great couple play without your partner having to be around.

Manufacturer Description:

Step into the future of sex toys with the blueMotion NEX|2. The 2nd generation of this app-controlled g-spot vibrator is perfect for solo or couples play. Known as the “Swiss army knife of sex toys

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