MenAtPlay Explores Office Affairs in ‚Executive Pleasures 2‘

MenAtPlay Explores Office Affairs in 'Executive Pleasures 2'

MONTREAL — MenAtPlay gets back into the office for „Executive Pleasures, Vol. 2“ now in wholesale and retail release. The fetish title explores the erotic appeal of „hot, hunky and impeccably dressed men.“

The cast includes Xavi Duran, Darius Ferdynand, Klein Kerr, Antonio Miracle, Enzo Riminez, Dani Robles, Ken Rodeo, Robbie Rojo, Noel Santoro and Ken Summers as suited-up studs „getting a taste of first-day office protocol, being the new guy and campaigning for an election by using highly unconventional business practices,“ explained a rep.

„We are pleased to present this second installment of the ‚Executive Pleasures‘ title line,“ continued the rep. „The entire cast of sexy and talented performers will make this DVD an instant hit with the MenAtPlay fans.“

Click here for box art, a preview and additional information.

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The studio’s next title, „Meeting in Progress,“ will be released September 1.

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