XBIZ Honors 2022 Reunites Online Industry Colleagues, Friends

LOS ANGELES — A heartwarming reunion of dearly-missed friends and colleagues transpired at the Kimpton Everly Hotel Beachwood Ballroom on Jan. 5, during the XBIZ Online Industry Honors 2022 dinner ceremony, where top execs seized gleaming trophies in recognition of their brand leadership, business acumen and community influence.

After several minutes of backslapping, handshaking and bubbly conversations among the guests, many of whom had not seen one another in the flesh for many months due to the pandemic, Alec Helmy, president of XBIZ, strode forth onto the stage against the black-and-gold backdrop logos of XBIZ Honors and presenting sponsor Chaturbate. He led the crowd in a rallying chant against COVID, coaxing them into a cathartic frenzy as everyone shook their fists with gleefully vented frustration at the circumstances that have kept them apart so very long.

Now fully warmed-up, the audience clapped as the cohosts hopped onto the stage, with dazzling Pineapple Support founder Leya Tanit and dapper Austin Fiascone, the head of business development for SK Intertainment and SKinfluential Media, commencing their opening skit. Fiascone first welcomed everyone to the awards, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be under the same roof again, and Tanit said, “It’s been two very long years since we’ve seen each other and it feels so wonderful to be together in this room.

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