VR Bangers Releases 4 New Scenes

LOS ANGELES — VR Bangers has debuted four new scenes this week across its network of sites.

First, Scarlit Scandal stars in „Hawaiian Paradise.“ The scene features Scandal amidst „hot sun, beautiful beaches and charming views,“ noted a company rep.

VR Conk debuted a new cosplay parody scene, „Chainsaw Man: Makima and Power,“ featuring Casey Calvert as Makima and Angel Youngs as Power. According to the synopsis, „Makima is a manipulative person, who knows how to persuade people. She will be pulling the strings here, and will be the one to dictate the pace of everything. Power is quite the opposite, and can easily fall under Makima’s influence.“

Crystal Thayer stars in „That’s Hollywood, Baby“ for VR Bangers Trans

Finally, Jake Waters is featured in „Party’s Not Over Yet,“ from VR Bangers Gay.

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2023-07-07 22:17:31

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