Virtual XBIZ Show Day 2: Amid Rapid Change, Industry Looks Ahead to 2021

LOS ANGELES — Filmmakers, performers, webmasters and industry thought-leaders welcomed Day Two of XBIZ 2021, presented by Chaturbate, with several hours of networking and chat via a snazzy virtual platform that allowed for both private conversations and larger group get-togethers. More than a dozen new panels and seminars explored premium social media, the rapid evolution of the trans and gay market segments, and up-to-the-second web and tech advancements — have you heard of BERT? — that are shaping the future of adult entertainment.

XBIZ 2021 Premium Social Media

„Premium Social Media: Feeding the Feed Frenzy“

An all-star lineup of savvy creators comprised the panel for “Premium Social Media: Feeding the Feed Frenzy,

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