US Arcades Releases Research Stats for Q1 of 2023

VAN NUYS, Calif. — US Arcades has released statistics on the top trends from its adult arcade locations for January through March.

“I hope everyone enjoys reading these as much as I do,” said VP Lewis Adams. “It’s always good getting
firsthand information on what the customers are watching and enjoying.”

The top trends are as follows:

Most Popular Category

Most Popular Studio (Gay)
Jake Cruise

Most Popular Studio (Straight)

Most Popular Studio (Trans)
Evil Angel

State With the Busiest Arcades
Rhode Island

State With the Busiest Arcades: Runner-Up

State With the Most Webcam Viewership
Rhode Island

State With the Most Webcam Viewership: Runner-Up
New York

Most Popular Genre (Gay)
Big Dicks

Most Popular Genre (Gay): Runner-Up

Most Popular Genre (Straight)

Most Popular Genre (Straight): Runner-Up

Most Popular Genre (Trans)

Most Popular Genre (Trans): Runner-Up
Big Dicks

Most Popular Genre (Bisexual)

Most Popular Genre (Bisexual): Runner-Up

Most-Watched Movie (Gay)
„Let’s Fuck #2“

Most-Watched Movie (Straight)
„Interracial Threesomes“

Most-Watched Movie (Trans)
„Aubrey Kate Plus 8“

Most-Watched Movie (Bisexual)
„Coming Out Bi #11“

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2023-04-10 15:04:05

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