Trevor Harris is ‚The Recruit‘ in Latest From Disruptive Films

Trevor Harris is 'The Recruit' in Latest From Disruptive Films

MONTREAL — Trevor Harris stars with Jkab Ethan Dale and Roman Todd in Disruptive Films‘ „The Recruit,“ from its „Taboo Men“ series.

Directed by Walden Woods, Dale plays Tegan Young, „an Army recruiter who enlists Colin Dillard (Harris), a gay young man with a troubled home life and nowhere to go,“ said a rep. „When Tegan brings Colin home, where he lives with fellow soldier Rudy Vaughn (Todd), Rudy is unimpressed with the ’soft‘ new recruit who ‚doesn’t understand real life.'“

Woods enthused about the cast’s performances.

„Directing this scene with this amazing cast was truly awesome; between the three of these guys, we were really able to dig into the storyline and give depth and growth to the story,“ he said. „Each one of these guys brought different energies to their characters, and we were really able to get insight into a few different dynamics between them all.“

„The Recruit“ is one of five releases Disruptive has slated for December.

„We have had a magnificent year at Disruptive Films, and we are grateful for the opportunity to showcase the best talent in the industry and collaborate with the most talented directors,“ said producer Jessica Jasmin. 

„The Recruit“ premieres Dec. 23 on DisruptiveFilms.

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2022-12-20 17:02:24

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