Raging Stallion Releases Sprawling Action-Drama Series ‚Ride or Die‘

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios is releasing director Tony DiMarco’s nine-part action-drama series „Ride or Die“ that explores the corrupt world of Riders Correctional Facility.

The first two episodes will debut March 10-11; a promotional site launched today with sneak peaks, bonus content and prize giveaways with exclusive memorabilia.

„High stakes and higher sex drives fuel this explosive original series that goes for the throat and doesn’t let up until the very last frame,“ a rep said.

„Trust nobody. Question everything. In ‚Ride or Die,‘ the rich, famous and powerful men of Las Vegas all appear to have an unlikely connection to Riders Correctional Facility, the twisted playground of a diabolically sadistic warden,“ continued the rep. „As secrets begin to unravel and lies surface at every turn, justice becomes the biggest crime of all.“

Ben Rush penned the script; the starry cast includes exclusives Beau Butler, Cole Connor, Andre Donovan, Max Konnor, Reign and Drew Valentino along with Bennet Anthony, Travis Connor, Chris Damned, Dillon Diaz, Pheonix Fellington, Grayson Lange, Pierce Paris, Drew Sebastian and Alpha Wolfe.

Trenton Ducati and Jake Waters contribute special appearances.

“I’m so proud of this enormous project and everyone who has worked on it,“ said Tim Valenti, executive producer and president of Raging Stallion parent company Falcon/NakedSword.

„The script of ‚Ride or Die‘ is topical, mysterious and enthralling. The production value is top-notch, the performances are award-worthy and the sex is some of the best we’ve filmed,“ Valenti added. „I’ve shared this series with confidantes in the business and they’ve told me this is the best content, gay or straight, that they’ve seen in some time. I can’t wait for fans to see it.“

Toby J. Morris, Falcon/NakedSword VP or Marketing, added, „‚Ride or Die‘ is an adult project like fans have never seen. A truly cinematic, episodic narrative porn experience that will go down as one of the best adult productions of all time. For this reason we’re treating its release like the rollout of a major streaming platform original series.“

„The entire promotional program has been one mysterious reveal after another, and the robust ‚Ride or Die‘ mini-site is the big springboard into the premiere of Episode One on March 10,“ he continued. „We’re excited for fans to join us on this journey and experience the action, intrigue and the hottest sex Raging Stallion has ever released.“

Find the mini-site here; visit Raging Stallion online and on Twitter.

The site’s content is available for promotion via BuddyProfits; email for more information.

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