SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios has released a director’s cut, two-disc edition of its sprawling crime saga „Ride or Die.“

A bundle of the nine-episode original series directed by Tony Dimarco includes two separately packaged discs and a commemorative, limited-edition „Ride or Die“ T-shirt.

Dimarco directs, from a script penned by Ben Rush, a starry cast that includes exclusives Beau Butler, Cole Connor, Andre Donovan, Max Konnor, Reign and Drew Valentino along with Bennet Anthony, Travis Connor, Chris Damned, Dillon Diaz, Pheonix Fellington, Grayson Lange, Pierce Paris, Drew Sebastian and Alpha Wolfe.

„‚Ride or Die: Raw Deal‘ sets the stage with never-before-seen content in the hardcore director’s cut of the first five episodes of the gritty action-drama,“ a rep said. „‚Ride or Die: Hard Time‘ delivers the riveting final four scenes of the series, starring nine men, culminating in a stunning conclusion that will have everyone talking. This is the first opportunity for the public to see all the episodes exactly as the writer and director imagined, and the first time the final four episodes are available anywhere.“

„The entire ‚Ride or Die‘ series warns fans to ‚Trust nobody, and question everything‘ and promises to be one of the most-watched, celebrated gay porn productions ever released,“ added the rep.

Tim Valenti, president and CEO of parent company Falcon/NakedSword, praised the cinematic quality of the series.

„Tony and Ben, along with our talented cast and fantastic crew, have delivered a high-octane episodic series that takes gay porn to the next level,“ he said. „‚Ride or Die‘ blends compelling storytelling and high production values with smoking-hot sex; it doesn’t get any better than that. I know that fans of hardcore XXX all-male entertainment will want to add these riveting DVDs to their private collection.“

Rush noted that Raging Stallion „always delivers the hottest men having the best sex, and ‚Ride or Die‘ is no exception. Tony and Tim brought this project to life in a style that was beyond what I could’ve imagined, and the stunning director’s cut gives fans the uncensored, full experience that was too hardcore to be available anywhere else.“

Dimaro added, „Raging Stallion, under Tim, continues to be an innovative studio in terms of content and production. Greenlighting and championing ‚Ride or Die‘ is a real testament to the company’s cutting-edge sensibility. Making ‚Ride or Die‘ was an amazing experience. Great writing, layered performances and a stellar crew contributed to what I consider some of my best work and I’m so proud of the achievement.“

Click here for additional details about „Ride or Die“ and find the Falcon online store here.

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Dimarco and leading man Cole Connor spoke exclusively to XBIZ about filming the series; find the story in the digital version of April issue of XBIZ World here.


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