LOS ANGELES — Pierce Paris, the 2020 XBIZ „Gay Performer of the Year,“ makes his SeeHimFuck debut this week opposite starlets Valerica Steele and Chloe Temple.

A rep described their threesome as „so wild the company had to invent several new categories just to label it.“

The action opens with a brief interview before „the girls just take over, stripping him down, sniffing and licking his armpits, sucking his nipples and getting him lubed up, front and back,“ said the rep. „The girls remove the former firefighter’s socks, smell his feet and get face-fucked by his toes. That’s when things go absolutely nuts.“

„The girls give Pierce a rimjob and finger his ass, sucking on his balls before shoving his entire sack into his ass. Ass-eating, ass-fingering and anal fisting ensue, followed by pegging from Chloe with his balls in his own ass while he fucks Valerica at the same time,“ continued the rep. „Chloe and Valerica then spread-eagle so Pierce can lick and suck on their clits.“

„Valerica rides Pierce amazon-style as Chloe explores his asshole with her fingers,“ the rep said. „Pierce then deep-dicks Chloe in a front-and-backwards piledriver as he licks Valerica’s ass. He fucks each girl in missionary, starting with Valerica and then doing Chloe while Valerica goes spelunking in Paris’s ass with a strap-on. The grand finale includes Pierce spread-eagled as Valerica pegs his ass while Chloe jerks him off until he cums on himself.“

During a post-sex interview, Paris said he particularly enjoyed „getting pegged while fucking a girl. That was amazing.“

Find a trailer and additional details here; follow SeeHimFuck on Twitter.

Follow Pierce Paris on Twitter and find his premium social media links here.

Hussie Models represents both Valerica Steele and Chloe Temple; follow Steele and Temple on Twitter.

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