PeterFever Touts ‚Squid Game‘ Parody ‚SexPig Game‘

LAS VEGAS — Asian-focused all-male brand PeterFever has released „Sexpig Game,“ a parody of the hit drama series „Squid Game“ designed to „break and challenge harmful stereotypes.“

The primarily Asian-American cast features Rave Hardick, Danny Ice, Dane Jaxson, Nolan Knox and Trent Marx under the direction of Guy Criss.

„This gay adult takeoff of the massively popular streaming phenomenon brings a playful, sex-positive treatment to counter ingrained attitudes of cultural puritanism, sexism and homophobia in the Korean thriller series,“ a rep explained.

Producer Danny Zeeman, CEO of affiliate network ZBuckz and PeterFever parent company WebMediaProz, brought „a light, sexy touch to recent PeterFever parodies of romantic comedies, superhero epics, and gritty urban dramas in vehicles like ‚Sexy Rich Gaysians,‘ ‚Gayvengers,‘ ‚The Black Panda‘ and ‚The Deuce.‘ In the process, these parodies tweaked the anti-sex attitudes, sexism and homophobic themes prevalent in their genres,“ noted the rep.

„‚Squid Game‘ is a prime target for such a reimagining, since the series’ dour treatment of sexual relations and its villainous, predatory gay VIP character have drawn attention and criticism. ‚SexPig Game‘ recasts its games as an internal battle of happy, sex-driven gays fighting for a huge cash payout and the hot, NSA sex they’ve based their lives upon.“

Zeeman detailed his inspiration for the parody series.

„Like many in the LGBTQ community, I was disappointed in this series by, amongst other things, the homophobic portrayal of gay Americans as evil VIPs paying to watch people die in the games and then the attempted gay rape of the one good character in the series, the policeman,“ he said.

„With the help of our great cast and crew, we set out to twist around this narrative of negative stereotypes of the LGBTQ community,“ added Zeeman. „Our parody ridicules the absurdity of the original while still managing to capture all the hot and sexy fantasies that come to mind between the guards, players and VIP.“

The rep noted „hard-muscled blond newcomer“ Marx plays a horny VIP who longs to join the game and get in on the erotic action, while „porn veteran“ Hardick is the secretive Front Man of the game.

Newcomers Ice, Jaxson and Knox take on featured roles; the series was filmed at CCBC clothing-optional resort for men in Palm Springs.

„The resort’s attitude of sexual freedom meshes well with the ethos of ‚SexPig Game,'“ said the rep.

The five-episode series opens with „Spank Me Twice, Shame on Me“ debuting today 

The opening installment of „SexPig Game,“ titled „Spank Me Twice, Shame on Me,“ goes live today at; follow the studio on Twitter.

The site’s content is available for promotion via ZBuckz.

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