PeterFever Launches New Series ‚Camp Naughty Pines‘

LOS ANGELES — Newcomer Nolan Knox returns to PeterFever to headline new series „Camp Naughty Pines,“ premiering online this week.

The action follows a freshly blond Knox as a young college stud who leaves the bustle of Los Angeles to commune with nature and finds a bunch of horny gay resort campers.

„Get ready to pitch a tent with Nolan as he embarks on a sexual adventure from the big city to the gay countryside,“ said producer Danny Zeeman. „This backwoods romp was filmed at a real gay campground and is based on a true story. ‚Camp Naughty Pines‘ offers you all the abundance of hot men and hot action that nature has to offer, with no bug spray required.“

The cast includes „muscular Asian daddy“ Damian Dragon with Levy Foxx and newcomers Zacc Andrews and Danny Wilcoxx.

Zeeman noted „the fun and hassle of filming in a hot, buggy Midwest summer.“

„Fucking your brains out in the forest with the heat, rain and bugs was no easy task, but I have to give all the credit to our models for making it look seamless,“ he said. „We are forever grateful to them for taking this wild and wacky adventure with us into the woods, and giving it their all for our art. In the end, I think we all had a momentous bonding experience and memories we will never forget. I hope people enjoy this movie as much as we all enjoyed making it.“

Director Guy Criss was up to the challenge.

„There was a lot of thinking on our feet with this production,“ he recalled. „Minute-to-minute changes in the weather from extreme heat and humidity to thunderstorms forced us to be creative with shoot locations and logistics. Shooting in the Midwest in the summer reminds me of the slogan for the Post Office — only we actually delivered and our packages look much better.“

Knox found he could identify with his role.

„I moved from Los Angeles to Virginia, myself, so I understood what my character was going through,“ he said. „I hadn’t been to a campground before and was really nervous, but those feelings faded. There were a few bumps here and there — like the 20-plus mosquito bites I got after applying repellant — but, at the end of the day, we got it done and made some fantastic memories.“

Production manager Jackson Reece praised the „down home authenticity“ of the location.

“The environment and culture of [the gay campground] embodies inclusion and representation. A sentiment that rings true with us at PeterFever,“ he said. „They welcomed us in and made us a part of their family. It was important that we included and represented their wonderful community to our best ability.“

The four-episode series will release new episodes every Tuesday on Follow the studio and Nolan Knox on Twitter.

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