Next Door Films Debuts 'That Summer'

LOS ANGELES — Next Door Films will debut its new feature, “That Summer,” on Saturday.

The sixth release from the popular story-driven line stars Next Door exclusive performers Carter Woods and Ryder Owens in a cinematic tale of self-discovery and romance in an unexpected place.

“This project has really been my baby from day one,” said executive producer and Next Door CCO Jeremy Babcock. “Inspired by a country song of the same name, I guess you can say this film is my way of having some gay fun with my Montana roots. Let’s make some eye candy and explore what happens behind closed doors out in the country. Ryder and Carter with a need to feel the thunder and chase the lightning from the sky.”

Writer Dalton King said he enjoyed working closely with Babcock, and that the project was a lot of fun to work on.

“I don’t think I’ve ever written something like this in my life,” he added. “I feel privileged that I was able to flesh out an idea that Jeremy Babcock had been wanting to do for a while. Both Carter Woods and Ryder Owens are fantastic in this movie.”

Owens enthused about working with Carter.

“He’s so sexy and fun that when we were making the scenes, I didn’t want to stop filming,” he shared.

Woods concurred, adding, “It was great to fit into a role that felt a little closer to home.”

“That Summer” goes live Jan. 21 on the Next Door Studios site. – Movies & Stars

2023-01-21 01:15:00

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