Newcomer Cole Connor Debuts as Falcon/NakedSword Exclusive

SAN FRANCISCO — Newcomer Cole Connor is making his industry debut as a Falcon/NakedSword exclusive performer and will anchor the forthcoming rugby-themed all-sex title „Scrum“ from Raging Stallion Studios.

A studio rep teased Connor’s „steely, penetrating blue eyes, salt-and-pepper hair and ripped, athletic physique dusted with the perfect amount of body hair.“

„A truly versatile performer with a thick, sizable, cut cock and stacked ass, this 5’10 hunk weighs in at a solid 185 pounds. A natural when he gets in front of the camera, Connor celebrates his sexuality, and brings 100% authenticity to his performances,“ the rep enthused. „The chemistry is real, because he loves sex, and he loves men.“

Director Tony Dimarco discovered Connor on a clip site and approached him about making his studio debut; Falcon/NakedSword President Tim Valenti quickly agreed the stud should be an exclusive.

„Not only is Cole naturally handsome and exceptionally endowed head-to-toe, he’s a sincerely genuine and charismatic man, as well as a sensationally dynamic onscreen talent, who puts his all into celebrating the hot action in his performances,

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