Malik Delgaty, Johnny Donovan Headline New Series ‚The Men’s Room‘

Malik Delgaty, Johnny Donovan Headline New Series 'The Men's Room'

LOS ANGELES — Malik Delgaty and Johnny Donovan star alongside Tony D’Angelo in the first episode of’s new series „The Men’s Room.“

The action opens when Donovan „goes to a bathroom known for gay cruising, and even when he’s all alone, he can still enjoy the naughty graffiti as he jacks off,“ said a rep. „When Malik Delgaty enters and makes it clear he’s DTF, Johnny gets down and sucks his cock under the divider… until Tony D’Angelo comes in.“

The three-part series also features Theo Brady, Edward Terrant, Leo Louis, and newcomer Jordan Lake.

„The Men’s Room“ premieres Jan. 4 on

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2022-12-28 23:15:41

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