Luxxxe Studios to Debut ‚Friends in Heat‘ Series

Luxxxe Studios to Debut 'Friends in Heat' Series

LOS ANGELES — Luxxxe Studios is debuting the premiere episode of its Friends in Heat series, titled “A Blast From The Past,” on June 16.

Directed by Jasun Mark, the episode stars Justin Yurmouth and Brian Bonds.

“The debut episode of season one, ‘A Blast From The Past,’ as well as the other three remaining episodes of the series, promises to give viewers a hot and sizzling experience as Yurmouth and Bonds’ characters steam things up,” said a rep. “In the debut episode, Yurmouth’s character, Jake CarMichael, is driving through the desert and takes a stroll down memory lane of his unforgettable, steamy, first-time encounter with Bonds’ character, Darryl MacDaniels.”

Founder/CEO of Luxxxe Studios JD Daniels enthused about the launch.

“Both the film and website may have taken some time to produce and release but are well worth the wait in the end,” he said. “The quality and sophistication this series brings to the table goes far beyond anything that has ever been done in gay porn. I’m very proud that at Luxxxe we can provide such uniqueness and quality.”

For more information, visit LuxxxeStudios.

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2023-06-05 22:33:00

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