Lucas Leon Crowned Newest Andrew Christian ‚Trophy Boy‘

Lucas Leon Crowned Newest Andrew Christian 'Trophy Boy'

LOS ANGELES — Studpup Lucas Leon has received the crown of „Trophy Boy“ and will undertake brand ambassadorship duties for fashion designer Andrew Christian.

„Eyebrows, and more, started to rise as Lucas Leon started to pop up in the Instagram stories for Andrew Christian,“ a rep enthused. „With a chiseled, handsome face that rivals any telenovela star, a muscled body with perfect pecs, a light sprinkling of body hair in all the right places, and a mischievous grin that could charm a nun and seduce the saintliest of gays at the same time, it is no wonder that Andrew Christian has chosen Lucas as a breakout ‚Trophy Boy‘ for 2021.“

A „Trophy Boy,“ the designer observed, „must be aware of the image they are projecting.“

„We look for a diverse group of boys that will uphold the Andrew Christian name but show the diversity within our community,“ he said. „All of the boys have strong personalities that are magnified through this role and it is important that they are always professional and appreciative of the experiences they’ve been blessed with. ‚Trophy Boys‘ are positive influences in the world and show love for themselves and the greater community.“

„Lucas first caught our eye on social media with his extravagant cosplay mixed in with his boy-next-door looks and secret porn star identity,“ Christian added. „Lucas was invited to be part of the team at RuPaul’s DragCon and showed us what he’s all about.“

The young hunk joins past honorees Nick Masc, Walker, Arad Winwin and Cory Z.

The rep noted „COVID has certainly changed the gay nightlife experience and will alter Lucas’ ‚Trophy Boy‘ coming-out parties,“ adding the brand has pivoted to virtual events with a focus on the Trophy Boy VIP Card promotion.

„Once the world gets the green light, Lucas will tour around the globe visiting various Pride events and working with Trophy Boy VIP Card partners. During COVID, Andrew Christian has partnered with over 100 brands worldwide to bring exclusive offers to fans, so that they can feel like the ‚Trophy Boys‘ they all are.“

Click here for Trophy Boy VIP Card details and follow Andrew Christian and Lucas Leon on Twitter.

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