Kane Fox, Cody Seiya Star in New CockyBoys Release, ‚Surrender‘

Kane Fox, Cody Seiya Star in New CockyBoys Release, 'Surrender'

NEW YORK — Kane Fox is paired with Cody Seiya in part one of the latest release from CockyBoys, „Surrender: An Erotic Daydream.“

Directed by Jake Jaxson, part one sees Fox and Seiya „in an intimate and truly beautiful flip scene that will leave viewers breathless,“ said a rep. „After waking up next to a plethora of sexy guys, it doesn’t take long for Cody and Kane to get aroused and deliver one of the most intimate scenes produced by a studio this year.“

Jaxson reminisced on how his own experiences influenced the release.

„As we kick off our ’15 Years of Cocky‘ anniversary — I am reminded how anniversaries are made for reflection, and this milestone is no different,“ he said. „Growing up in South Louisiana, like many, I knew I was gay at a young age, and that realization was soon followed by the painful understanding — hiding, lying, and becoming someone else were the tools necessary for my survival — mentally and physically.“

„Years later, and through it all, I became an out-and-proud gay man, yet the lies and shame of my youth still haunted me — as they bound me to a past perception of myself that separated me from accepting who I was, and who I wanted to be sexually,“ Jaxson continued. „I have long believed that having a full understanding and acceptance of one’s sexual-self is key to a happy life. It’s important to not separate our “sex life

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