Hot House Returns With Arad Winwin, Austin Avery in ‚Gripland‘

Hot House Returns With Arad Winwin, Austin Avery in 'Gripland'

SAN FRANCISO — The return of Hot House Video is being teased with the online debut of sexplay featuring Arad Winwin and Austin Avery in „Take Me to Gripland“ from the directing team of Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark.

The hookup went live today ahead of the movie’s full release in all formats on Friday, November 13.

„In the first scene from ‚Take Me To Gripland,‘ Arad and Austin are two of the best grips in the biz, working on the set of the next hot gay porn. When the director yells ‚cut!‘ Austin sets down his boom mic and reaches for Arad’s cock growing in his shorts,“ explained a rep.

„Arad picks up on Austin’s advances and bends him over some equipment to eat his smooth hole. Austin wants a taste of Arad so he sinks to his knees and works over every inch of Arad’s meaty pole,“ the rep continued. „With Arad’s cock slick with spit, Austin bends over and lets Arad enter his warm center. Both glistening with sweat, Arad shows no mercy on Austin’s hole as he drills the smooth stud’s prostate.“

However, said, the rep, „as Austin is getting his hole pounded, he and Arad are unaware they are being watched by another horned-up crew member.“

Ducati praised the duo’s erotic connection.

„Hot House is back and the energy exploded as soon as Arad and Austin got on set,“ he said. „The chemistry between these two is off-the-charts and we’re excited for the fans to see it.“

Hot House, part of the Falcon/NakedSword umbrella, has merged its members‘ area with, which itself was recently revamped.

„Take Me to Gripland“ is now available as a member exclusive; the site’s content is available for promotion via BuddyProfits. Direct inquiries to

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