Heteroflexible Releases 6th Episode of ‚Femboyish‘

Heteroflexible Releases 6th Episode of 'Femboyish'

MONTREAL — Adult Time’s new studio brand Heteroflexible has released the sixth episode of its latest series, „Femboyish.“

„The new original series under the Heteroflexible banner, created for gay-curious and ‘mostly straight’ audiences, has released six episodes so far since its August debut — including the just-dropped cosplay-themed ‚Cheerleader,'“ said a rep.

Adult Time Marketing Director Frank Stacy enthused about the series.

„We have been wanting to do femboy content for over two years now, but we were patiently waiting for the right crew to work with, and the right talent to cast,“ he said. „This series, ‚Femboyish,‘ is something really special. For porn fans, it’s fresh and it’s not something you can easily find online. For us internally, it’s a big challenge — but an incredibly fun and rewarding one. I’m hoping we will reach new audiences and intrigue existing ones across the sexual preferences spectrum, and — so far — the results are very promising.“

All six episodes are streaming on Femboyish.

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2023-11-13 16:02:10

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