Grooby Sponsors Trans Sex Worker Therapy Group

Grooby Sponsors Trans Sex Worker Therapy Group

LOS ANGELES — Grooby will sponsor a biweekly, online trans sex worker therapy group run by the LGBTQ Center OC.

The group will be facilitated by Grooby’s creative and editorial director Kristel Penn, a marriage and family therapist trainee.

„The longtime ethos of Grooby has included a strong component of community outreach and support for our performers,“ said Penn. „We have made donations to organizations that support the needs of our community, hosted free educational workshops on a variety of business and wellness topic and continue to offer support in a way that honors our performers.“

Along with Penn’s involvement, Grooby will also be making a financial commitment by covering fees for attendees‘ first 15 sessions.

Penn noted LGBTQ Center OC is one of the oldest gay and lesbian community centers in the United States.

„During my practicum at the LGBTQ Center OC, I knew very early on that my larger goal there would be to create a therapy group for our trans performers,“ Penn said. „Sex workers, but particularly trans sex workers, face a higher level of discrimination and lack of access to affirming resources out in the world. This felt like an extension of Grooby’s ethos and that I could use my education to help.“

The therapy group will get underway later this month or in early September; for more information, or to sign up, contact Penn directly at

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