SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon/NakedSword has released „Men’s Briefs“ from studio brand Falcon Studios, shot on location in New York City, with Boomer Banks, Leo Forte, Devin Franco and Max Konnor going behind the camera with the assistance of fellow performer-turned-director Steve Cruz.

Franco pulls double-duty as both director and costar, joining studio exclusives Cade Maddox, Colton Reece and Reign along with Shane Cook, Adrian Hart, Tristan Hunter, Eric Rey, Shae Reynolds and Luke Truong.

Shot at The Q NYC nightclub, the action opens as Franco enters the venue, knowing nothing about an anonymous hookup except that he’s wearing a red hat and „has a huge dick,“ teased a rep. „So when he sees a stranger (Rey) rocking a bright red cap, he pounces and starts railing his smooth ass right there in the club.“

„Twink Shae keeps seeing A-lister Cade all over town, so it’s no surprise when the famous muscle stud begins invading his dreams for the most graphic and realistic fantasies the young man has ever experienced,“ the rep continued. „When puppy dog Adrian discovers that Reign is his dreamboat pet sitter, he immediately fantasizes about transforming from a good boy into a real boy and getting the chance to service Reign’s curved cock. A quick connection at the bar has Colton sweeping Luke away to a back room for an intense romp that has the twink bottom clinging to a stripper pole as the overly-excited top jackhammers his innocent hole into smithereens.“

Finally, the rep said, „after a few awkward misunderstandings around the holidays, boyfriends Tristan and Shane realize the only presents that they need to give each other are the bulging packages hidden beneath their zippers.“

Cruz added, „I’ve been an adult film director for over 13 years. I would not be where I am today without the support of my mentors. For this project, I selected some of today’s hottest performers that each reminded me of my own ambition. As I help them to realize their vision, they in turn taught me things on set. You never stop being a student in life.“

„Each director brought their own flavor and grit,“ he said. „The end result is a strong feature and some of the hottest sex I’ve shot all year. I’d do this again in a heartbeat. I could not be more proud of my guys.“

Falcon/NakedSword President Tim Valenti noted, „We believe in the talents of all the creators and stars of ‘Men’s Briefs,‘ and we’re happy to share the steamy and provocative video that came from giving them a platform to share their hot gay porn concepts.“

„With veteran, award-winning director Steve Cruz as their guide and mentor, this collective group of dynamic stars deliver something truly collaborative and 100% hot,“ Valenti added.

Find Falcon Studios online and on Twitter; direct wholesale/retail inquiries to John Gunderson at

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