Dante Colle Offers a ‚Boyfriend Experience‘ for VRFanService

Dante Colle Offers a 'Boyfriend Experience' for VRFanService

LOS ANGELES — VR studio VRFanService and are promoting a gender-neutral „Boyfriend Experience“ starring Dante Colle.

„VRFanService has created something very special that you won’t find anywhere else,“ a rep enthused. „Designed to be enjoyed by straight women, gay men or anyone interested in an erotic experience with a male star, this intense scene has been filmed in a gender-neutral style, so all genders can appreciate it with full immersion.“

„Dante is a chiselled hunk who has full command of the camera,“ continued the rep. „If you’re looking for a virtual date with a stylish heartthrob, you won’t find anyone more charming than Dante. This is a seduction scene that escalates in sensuality reaching an intense climax at the end.“

The concept was developed and directed by OnTheTelly.

„VRFanService had a booth at Hentai-Con 2018 where we took suggestions from guests after they tried out our Oculus Go demo,“ said the filmmaker. „We received quite a few requests for boyfriend experiences and thought that it was finally time to film one, as we had the right casting with Dante Colle.“

“We filmed it as non-gender-specific as to not exclude anyone who might enjoy spending a virtual date with Dante,“ OnTheTelly continued. „VR is often referred to as ‘the empathy machine’ and I think this is based on our ability to capture and share a wide array of experiences that allow us to feel present and connect with those that we might not normally share time with. Dante’s performance during the date section was delivered with a sense of honesty and sincerity that I think people will appreciate, especially those who crave some sense of human interaction during the pandemic.“

The studio rep noted the scenario is „more than a just another hot VR video.“

„It allows people all over the world to explore their sexuality in the comfort of their own home,“ they said. „If you’re curious about what it’d be like to date and get intimate with a man, ‘The Boyfriend Experience’ allows you to do so in a safe environment.

The scene was filmed in „ultra-lifelike 5K at 60FPS.“ Click here for a preview and additional details and follow SexLikeReal on Twitter.

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