Blake Mitchell Profiled on Recent Episode of ‚Menkind‘ Podcast

LOS ANGELES — Lane Rogers (aka Blake Mitchell), a two-time XBIZ Awards nominee for „Gay Performer of the Year,“ was the featured guest on a recent episode of the „Menkind“ podcast hosted by Michael Chakraverty and Mark Watson.

The weekly broadcast is described as taking „a deep dive into modern masculinity and gender along with some rather brilliant guests.“

Rogers speaks candidly about his childhood upbringing and role models, his 2014 debut as a cam performer and his first emotionally fraught attempt at a studio shoot, his body image and experience with fame.

He also discusses his bisexuality and the biphobia he’s faced throughout his life.

„How brilliant was [the] episode with Lane Rogers?“ the hosts tweeted. „We loved having him on and hearing about his career, sexuality and more.“

The performer echoed their enthusiasm, noting he was „honored“ to be featured.

Find „Menkind“ on Apple Podcasts and Twitter.

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