Womanizer, Lunette Collab on 'Menstrubation' Promotion

BERLIN — Womanizer has launched a global gift with purchase campaign in collaboration with period product company Lunette to commemorate International Women’s Day.

All month long, Womanizer has offered a special gift available from its global retail partners: a Lunette menstrual cup, specifically created for this collaboration, in complementing colors blue, violet and clear.

In May 2020, a rep said, Lunette and Womanizer jointly launched the „Menstrubation“ study, reportedly the first clinical study worldwide that examined whether regular masturbation can have a pain-relieving effect on periods. The study found it can and it does have both a short- and long-term positive effect.

„The two brands are dedicated to do their part in helping to close the so-called ‚Gender Health Gap,'“ continued the rep. „The term describes a lack of research and knowledge in the field of female sexual health, wellbeing and pleasure due to centuries of neglect and focus on the male gender. The publication of the study results caused global media attention and awareness at the beginning of 2021.“

The results are currently under review for publication in an academic journal.

Lunette’s Heli Kurjanen noted, „Periods are often thought to be messy but with a menstrual cup they can be easy and hassle-free without any leaks. ‚Menstrubation‘ and collaboration with Womanizer was a great success and we are happy to continue work together to break the taboos related both periods and sex. Everyone should be able to enjoy benefits of masturbation throughout the whole month.“

The Lunette menstrual cup is a gift worth €39.99 with the purchase of a Womanizer product.

“We know that masturbation has many positive effects on your health. The ‚Menstrubation‘ study has proven that relieving period pains is one benefit of it. The combination of a Womanizer product and Lunette cup offer the perfect opportunity to indulge in self-care while also combating any menstrual side effects,“ said Womanizer’s head of sexual empowerment Johanna Rief.

Reach out to a preferred sales rep for media assets and additional details about the Womanizer and Lunette collaboration or contact emeatraining@wowtech.com.

Visit Womanizer online and on Twitter.

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