Segpay Expands Operations in Ireland

DUBLIN, Ireland — Segpay has expanded its Dublin office and doubled the staff members for its EU/EEA headquarters

A rep noted the new office located in Ballsbridge, Dublin is where a number of tech giants are based; the EU/EEA headquarters was established in September 2020 and covers all Segpay payment and merchant services in the EU/EEA. Segpay still maintains licenses in the U.K. for U.K.-based merchants.

Ailish Penston continues as the CEO of Ireland operations, while Billie Stevens has joined to lead compliance and risk initiatives. Terry Nichols has joined Segpay to lead the firm’s sales and business development plans.

Finance has expanded to include Claudine Clare and Maria Murphy who are „instrumental in the function,“ the rep said. „Paul Haugh will drive the compliance underwriting team and Tony Langsford has been added to the team to provide additional strength for the increased merchant business. Segpay Ireland is growing, and additional staff members will join the company soon.“

Segpay selected Ireland as its EU headquarters in 2016 after the initial Brexit vote.

„As the transition process moved forward, Segpay underwent the intense process of becoming a licensed payment institution ahead of the Brexit deadline, banking through the Central Bank of Ireland,“ the rep said. „The local Ireland office is home to both the EU staff and its EU board of directors. The team manages all Segpay EU/EEA merchants allowing them to process through several EU acquirers and Segpay as a payment facilitator.“

CEO Cathy Beardsley noted the EU market „continues to grow, and we are excited to expand our staff to provide our EU customers with the best possible experience.“

Penston added they are „proud to lead the team serving our European merchants with dedicated payment processing services and solutions.“

Find Segpay online and on Twitter.

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