Orion Now Shipping Latest Collections From Noir Handmade

Orion Now Shipping Latest Collections From Noir Handmade

FLENSBURG, Germany — Orion Wholesale is now shipping the latest collections from fetish apparel brand Noir Handmade.

The label offers „gorgeous, high-quality outfits for stylish women,“ a rep said. „The collections have only been available in small sizes so far, but because of high demand there are now nine outfits in sizes 4XL to 6XL.“

The outfits feature a wetlook with a matte black shine and velvet flock print, lace or stripes. The material described as stretchy, crease-free and „fits like a second skin.“

For retail support, the product is delivered in a cardboard box printed with a detailed picture of the product inside and a description in various languages.

For more information, visit Orion online and on Instagram or email

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