MedFetUK Donates Stock of PPE to U.K. Hospitals

„We told them we only had a few sets in stock and said they could have them free of charge, if it was any help,“ said a MedFetUK rep. „They said, ‚Yes, please.‘ This was not the first enquiry we’ve had this week either.“ 

Media reports have shed light on the tremendous danger a shortage of PPE could pose to both healthcare workers and civilians alike. 

„The longer this epidemic goes on for, if doctors feel that there is a widespread lack of personal protective equipment, then some doctors may feel they have no choice but to give up the profession they love, because they feel so abandoned by not being given the PPE that the World Health Organization recommends,“ Dr. Rinesh Parmar, chair of the Doctors’ Association UK, told the Guardian. 

„Without adequate PPE our workforce will be decimated,“ an NHS staff member said. „Who will then be left to look after patients?

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