Lustery Rolls Out Video Highlighting Sex-Positivity for Women’s Day

BERLIN — In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, indie content site Lustery launched its latest campaign, highlighting real couples sharing their perspectives on sex and equality.

Lustery, which features exclusively amateur couples, says the video was created with the hopes of furthering a sex-positive discourse and to help people „express their sexual identity and sexual preferences for a gender equal world,“ a rep explained. 

„At Lustery, we believe sex is an important part of our lives and identities,“ continued the rep, „and to achieve sexual health we all have the right to information, education and freedom of expression. We cannot be equal when these qualities do not exist in our bedrooms. The topics of sex and sexuality have only become more acceptable in public discourse over the last decade [but] we still lack the language that allows f

In the video, several couples explain what sex and pleasure feel like personally, before tackling questions about gender and sexual identity. 

„Everyone deserves pleasure and to be treated the way they ask [to be treated],“ explained performer Lina Bembe.  

Summarizing the campaign’s overarching goal, the rep shared, „We feel certain that discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and different abilities can be challenged by initiating a public, sex-positive discourse. It is crucial to continue the conversation and not only keep denouncing structural sexual violence, but to reclaim an open dialogue around the politics of pleasure.“

The video ends with the International Women’s Day hashtag, #EachforEqual.

Watch the full video here

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