LiveUnicorns Offers Humanitarian Support to Ukrainian Refugees

LiveUnicorns Offers Humanitarian Support to Ukrainian Refugees

BARCELONA — LiveUnicorns has pledged 10% of its income from the month of March to charitable entities and NGOs who are working to assist Ukrainian refugees.

LiveUnicorns has also offered to help displaced Ukrainian performers and their families find temporary housing in 30 rooms for up to one week in safe harbor countries around the Ukrainian border.

„Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the current situation in Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis. Millions of people [have been] forced to leave their homes and need to relocate outside of their home country, including many from our industry,“ a rep said. „LiveUnicorns wants to put in motion efforts to not only raise money for humanitarian relief for Ukrainian refugees but help accommodate and find work for performers while they are displaced.“

„We will also continue to look into ways we can work with other organizations to help raise aid for sex workers, cam performers and other people within this industry on both sides who are being impacted by the current humanitarian crisis,“ added the rep.

Further, „several of our executive staff have committed to donating their salaries to relief efforts,“ the rep continued. „This is just the beginning of our planned efforts to try and do what we can during this time of heartbreak and crisis.“

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