LELO Debuts Haute Couture Collab With On Aura Tout Vu

LELO Debuts Haute Couture Collab With On Aura Tout Vu

LOS ANGELES — LELO has introduced a limited-edition haute couture line of jewelry bags in collaboration with boutique fashion label On Aura Tout Vu.

The items are only available on order. „Created for your deepest desires, these jewelry bags will allow you to hide your most intimate secrets,“ noted a rep. „Like the On Aura Tout Vu collections, where innovation meets audacity, these exceptional pieces naturally find their place among the new creations of Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov.“

„It is through this power of transforming everyday objects into unique pieces that LELO, creator of emotion, wished to join forces with On Aura Tout Vu, to unveil a unique capsule [collection] for all those who know that fashion and trends are all about personality and desirability,“ the rep continued.

The collection made its formal debut during the On Aura Tout Vu runway show during Paris Fashion Week at the Paradis Latin cabaret club on Jan. 25.

The seven-piece collection includes Ora 3 by LELO, „the languorous passion simulator adorned with crystals and gold-plated cabochons, with a matching handbag fitting its shape to perfection,“ said the rep. „And the essential Sila, enhanced with gold-plated cabochons and sparkling crystals; this intimate little jewel of infinite delicacy for those who like to take their time, whose look has been revisited by the talented hands of the creators of On Aura Tout Vu, is elegantly tucked away in the case bearing its effigy.“

„The Mia 2 [can] be worn proudly around the neck like a fetish pendant with delicious virtues,“ the rep noted. As the „icing on the cake, we introduce to you the Smart Wand 2, a body massager which erases your tensions and releases your sensual energy: slip it into its custom-made leather case, adorned with crystals, gold plated cabochons and sparkling spikes shining brightly.“

„Show the world your self-love and be proud of who you are, where and when you want to but always in style,“ concluded the rep.

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Images: Sana Ben Ayed Photography

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