Yoshi Kawasaki Drops 100th Scene on Official Site

Yoshi Kawasaki Drops 100th Scene on Official Site

TOKYO — Fetish star Yoshi Kawasaki has dropped the 100th scene, titled „Maternity,“ on his ZBuckz Network eponymous paysite.

„Boldly creative kink auteur Yoshi Kawasaki celebrates a milestone 100th episode of his successful YoshiKawasakiXXX website with the daring male pregnancy scene he’s planned a long time,“ said a rep. „‚Maternity‘ presents a hospital birthing scenario with pregnant Yoshi assisted in giving birth by fellow Japan-based creators Axel Abysse and Mistress Hinako.“

Kawasaki looked back on the content he has released over the past two years.

„Since I launched my website, the work has been completely new and challenging, but extremely exciting and rewarding as well,“ he said. „I genuinely could not do this without the encouragement and appreciation of viewers who subscribe to my website. This day and age, it’s so easy to find porn you like, thanks to the proliferation of adult content platforms. I personally feel a sort of fucked-up camaraderie with my site members who are not afraid to show who they truly are in sex, or to crave for what they want. Which I think many people struggle to do. I’m proud my website represents Asians in the fetish community, which is not common in western countries.“

ZBuckz CEO Danny Zeeman added, „As a longtime fan of this smoking hot, tattooed and pierced kinkster who rose to prominence in the fetish world several years ago, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the continued evolution of Yoshi’s brand.“

For more information, visit YoshiKawasakiXXX and follow Kawasaki on Twitter. – Gay

2023-01-06 00:20:00

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