XConfessions Celebrates ‚Masturbation May‘ With ‚MasturDate‘ Mini Series

XConfessions Celebrates 'Masturbation May' With 'MasturDate' Mini Series

BARCELONA — To commemorate Masturbation May, xConfessions has released all four episodes of mini series “MasturDate,” directed by Erika Lust and Casey Calvert and starring real-life couples.

Nicole Kitt and Jonte (“I Love You and I Love Myself”), Dillon Diaz and Jake Waters (“I Love it When You Join In”), Mercè Palau and Cristian (“I Love Watching You”), and Nikky Hearts and Kristen Scott (“I Love it When You Guide Me”) are the featured couples.

The four episodes, a rep explained, “portray the reality of four different couples — be it solo play, mutual masturbation or watching and helping their partner climax.”

Erika Lust’s latest quiz after last year’s Masturbation Conversations “shows 92% of her audience engage in self-pleasure, and 50% of that is partnered masturbation,” the rep continued. “May is masturbation month, a worldwide yearly reminder to celebrate pleasure in the form of solo sex.”

Lust’s quiz surveyed 2000 participants to find out her audience’s habits towards masturbation and, more specifically, when related to a partner.

The aim behind “MasturDate is to bring awareness towards the different ways a person can connect with a partner regarding masturbation, and the acceptance of each person’s likes and dislikes when it comes to this topic.

“Masturbation month is my favorite month of the year!” Lust enthused. “The perfect time to celebrate and explore all forms of self pleasure. I am beyond excited to share the four ‘MasturDates’ our team has been working on in Spain and the USA, and I feel grateful to the four couples that have opened the doors of their house to us to open up a conversation about the crucial topic of partnered masturbation.”

To watch the episodes, visit – Gay

2023-05-23 15:47:36

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