Troye Dean, Joey Mills Star in's 'Drive Through'

LOS ANGELES — exclusive Troye Dean stars opposite Joey Mills in the latest release from the studio, the two-part „Drive Through.“

Angel Rivera and Brogan also star.

In the first scene, „there’s only one thing that can make bored barista Joey Mills get to work, and it’s not training new hire Troye Dean or stocking the pastry case,“ said a rep. „When a customer, played by Brogan, pulls up to the drive through, Joey is ready to take care of him.“

In the second scene, „new barista Troye Dean is trying to figure out how the cash register works when he spots hottie Angel Rivera sitting in the drive through with his dick in his hand,“ the rep continued. „Angel just wants a large black coffee, but Troye tells him with a wink to cum inside, because it might take a while.“

Brogan enthused about making his debut.

„I’m really excited about my first scene with,“ he said. „“Filming with Joey was probably the most fun I’ve had on set, and everyone involved really made it a great time for me — can’t wait to come back for more.“

„Drive Through“ will stream on starting Oct. 19.

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2022-10-11 15:11:15

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