TrailerTrashBoys Debuts Parody Series ‚2 Dudes Plumbing‘

TrailerTrashBoys Debuts Parody Series '2 Dudes Plumbing'

LAS VEGAS — Ducati Studios‘ has introduced the ongoing parody series „2 Dudes Plumbing“ featuring newcomers Max Lorde and Felix Fox.

„Them two red-headed cousins from down the south end of the lot have done gone opened up their own plumbing business,“ noted a rep. „We always knew they’d do some good — Matt with his super-red hair and then Felix with his lighter red hair that’s all curly and stuff. But it’s them ripped bodies and super-hard dicks that got them a reputation for knowing just how to get them fluids running and there ain’t no pipe that these boys can’t handle. And you gotta love a couple ‚cousin’s what don’t mind takin‘ a dick in the ass and a load a‘ cum in the face? That’s how we roll at Lot 45.“

The Ducati Studios network also includes, and

„We had a lot of fun with this one,“ the company’s Jasun Mark told XBIZ. „We’ve upgraded to 4K cameras so the video quality is rather spectacular. We created two characters, Max and Felix, who live at Lot 45, the fictional trailer park where our site TrailerTrashBoys is set.“

„They started their own plumbing business and we’ll be seeing more of them for sure,“ he added.

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