LOS ANGELES — The Dungeon Store is celebrating Pride Month with a limited-edition Rainbow Pride Neoprene Flogger.

„The 18-inch neoprene tails on the floggers have an impressive amount of thud for impact play, and just the right amount of bite for those who love sting,“ a rep explained. „The comfortable leather woven handle gives the floggers an overall length of 26.5 inches, allowing tops to dominate with little effort.“

The Dungeon Store Founder Anne Bryne expressed excitement about their Pride season offering.

„You’ll be impressed with the vivid color and solid craftsmanship that go into these. Tops will love the ease of swinging them,“ she said. „Bottoms will love the feel.“

„BDSM roots are firmly in LGBTQ+ history and we stand with the community,“ Bryne added. „The Dungeon Store would not be here without the gay community and we are proud to offer products like our neoprene flogger in Pride colors.“

Neoprene floggers are also available „in solid colors for cruising,“ noted the rep. „Stylish tops can find floggers available in vibrant colors such as light blue, yellow, purple, pink, red, orange and green to match hanky codes.“

Visit TheDungeonStore.com for additional details and follow the company on Twitter.

The Dungeon Store

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