Storied Fetish, Kink Brand Fort Troff Profiled by TheGayGoods

NEW YORK — Storied fetish and kink company Fort Troff is the subject of a new profile by Mark Peikert of

„Supporting gay-operated businesses is more than a kumbaya moment — if the company is marketed to the LGBTQ+ community, then there’s a level of automatic trust there,“ notes Peikert. „At least, that’s the case with Fort Troff and its extensive line of sex toys.“

„Imagine a straight company ever having the brilliant idea of creating a one-handed topper for a brown bottle. They could never,“ he continued. „But that’s the kind of winning detail that sets Fort Troff apart, and makes them such an integral part of so many men’s sexuality.“

Fort Troff CEO Louis Ceruzzi praised the loyal Fort Troff clientele.

“Our customers are very passionate,

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