Steve ‚Titpig‘ Hurley Passes Away

LOS ANGELES — Steve „Titpig“ Hurley, a notable gay adult star for more than 15 years, passed away Sunday in Palm Springs, at the age of 64. The news was confirmed by several friends and colleagues.

Hurley was famed for his mature, masculine onscreen demeanor and rigorous dedication to exploring kink and fetish for such studios as Catalina Video, Hot Desert Knights, Pantheon Productions and Treasure Island Media, among others.

He retired around 2012 or ’13 and returned to private life, but remained a mentor and „daddy“ to many in his community, friends recalled, and was a vocal advocate for HIV/AIDS prevention and related issues.

„I never got the chance to work with him, but his fame was undeniable,“ recalled director and Ducati Studios principal Jasun Mark. „He was a legend even in his own time. Those movies that he did — my personal favorite was ‚Big Bear Trucking Company‘ — are some of the most iconic gay porn movies ever made. His screen persona was hot. He managed to portray a man who was both a rough badass but someone who’d still want to snuggle you a bit. And in person he was such a nice, friendly guy who always had time to chat when you’d meet him.“

Filmmaker and photographer Anthony Duran of Ducati Studios first worked with Hurley at Catalina more than two decades ago. „He was the inspiration for,“ Duran told XBIZ.

Friend and costar Christian Mitchell described Hurley as „the most loving scene partner I’ve ever had.“

„He set a new standard for what the image of what a gay porn star should look like. He was burly and hairy and hyper-masculine at a time when trends favored a more toned and smooth look. He was one of bareback porn’s true superstars back when it was still very taboo,“ Mitchell said.

„Outside of porn, Steve was a registered nurse who tirelessly volunteered for various HIV prevention organizations,“ Mitchell noted. „He had the innate ability to make every fan he met feel like they were already friends.“

Paul Morris, the founder of Treasure Island Media, recalled a first memorable encounter with Hurley.

„The first time I met Titpig, I didn’t know what he looked like. I was picking him up at San Francisco Airport and was a little worried that I’d miss him. But there was no mistaking who he was, in part because straight folks all around him were frowning and turning away,“ Morris told XBIZ. „One woman was literally shielding her little girl’s face so she couldn’t see him.“

„He was wearing a very skimpy tank top, his enormous nipples jutting out proudly for the world to see,“ Morris said. „He was grinning and gave me a big, warm, loving hug. He wasn’t noticing the disapproval of the straight folks all around us; he was just a big, warm, generous, happy man. Always a joy to be around, he was one of those rare men who earnestly wanted the best for everyone.“

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