Spencer Bradley Anchors ‚Bi Any Means Necessary‘ for BiPhoria

LOS ANGELES — Starlet Spencer Bradley shares the cover spotlight with her scenemates Mason Lear and Vince Parker for „Bi Any Means Necessary“ from BiPhoria and director Jim Powers.

„Spencer’s keeps racking up the covers with her model looks and stellar performances,“ a rep enthused. „This movie shows off the kinky side of Spencer that fans and critics are going to appreciate.“

„Veteran director Jim Powers keeps adding to his incredible body of work for the year. His ability to consistently capture some of the greatest performances seems to come second nature to Powers and his camera,“ continued the rep.

The title also features Dante Colle, Dillon Diaz, Draven Navarro, Micah Martinez and Paisley Porter.

„I loved making this movie. Getting the cover was simply the icing on the cake for me,“ said Bradley. „The set is always fun when Jim is in charge. He knows exactly how to make the performers feel comfortable giving everything to their scene. I know my fans will be crazy excited to see me take on these two beautiful men.“

Click here for box art and additional details on „Bi Any Means Necessary.“

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