SmuttyFy Announces ‚All-Inclusive Gender Update,‘ Pride Month Logos

LISBON — is touting an „all-inclusive gender update“ as well as Pride-themed logos for June.

“As an adult-oriented social platform, embracing diversity is the essence of welcoming all members to the community,“ SmuttyFy CEO Mike Pinto said.

„We want to build a safer, bigger, better, more inclusive community for all that want to join,“ he added. „Having those genders as a base is the first stepping stone to a true all-gender-inclusive social network that embraces all communities and encourages the members to be themselves and empowers them to stand up for their beliefs and convictions.“

In addition, the Pride-themed logos will be utilized throughout the entire month.

Visit and follow the platform on Twitter.

In related news, SmuttyFy recently launched its Android app in a beta development stage.


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