Skyn Condoms Explores Pleasure in New Promo Campaign

LOS ANGELES — Skyn condoms is rolling out an international promo campaign directed by Matt Lambert with a diverse cast and an original track by Peaches that puts an erotic spin on a classic jingle.

„At the beginning of the global lockdown, Skyn started their quest to encourage couples to seek pleasure with two campaigns created by [advertising agency] Sid Lee [Paris]: ‚Stay and f*** at home‘ and ‚The Pleasure Calendar,'“ a rep explained.

„‚Pleasure is an endless exploration,‘ directed by Matt Lambert out of production company Prettybird UK, continues to build on this strategy by encouraging people to keep exploring,“ continued the rep. „In a world where we need to avoid touch outside, being stuck indoors gives us an opportunity to explore the touch of intimacy more than ever; and at a time in which we can’t travel far, the possibilities to discover through pleasure are limitless — a whole new world right at our fingertips.“

„With that in mind, Skyn and Sid Lee have created a cheeky ode to exploration, freedom and pleasure, by giving a twist to the most well-known song ever written about body parts,“ the rep noted. „Through this campaign, Skyn wants to encourage pleasure seekers to go beyond what they already know and start learning again, by trying, touching, exploring and having fun with their bodies.“

The campaign — which debuted late last year in November and Brazil, and will continue to roll out in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Poland and Italy — is „an invitation to explore pleasure, from the point of view of different communities, sexual orientations and gender identities“ and includes print and social media components.

Lambert’s collaborators, in addition to Peaches, include cinematographer Rina Yang and five real-life couples. Photography is by Concrete; the executive producer is Juliette Larthe.

The website has also been redesigned by Sid Lee to reflect the brand’s commitment towards the exploration of pleasure and genuine intimacy, with curated tips and advice on a variety of topics, as well as a revamped online shop featuring Skyn’s full range of products, from adult toys to condoms.

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