Sir Peter Headlines New Series 'Royally Fucked'

LOS ANGELES — Sir Peter stars in the new three-part series from, titled „Royally Fucked.“

Also featured in the series are studio exclusive Joey Mills along with Dean Young, Justin Jett, and Kyle Fox.

In the first scene, „loose cannon Euro-prince Sir Peter is on thin ice with his mother, the queen, after yet another scandal a week before his arranged marriage,“ said a rep. „But that doesn’t stop him from hitting on palace waiter Justin Jett right under her nose. After Justin spills some tea on Sir Peter’s lap when he’s taken by surprise by the prince grabbing his ass, the horny royal puts Justin’s hand right on his cock, then takes it out under the table.“

The first scene from „Royally Fucked“ premieres Feb. 10 on

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2023-02-02 19:57:53

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