SeanCody Rolls Out Relaunched Apparel, Merch Store

SeanCody Rolls Out Relaunched Apparel, Merch Store

SAN DIEGO — SeanCody, in partnership with Matthew Camp’s boutique label Daddy Couture, has rolled out its revamped apparel and merch store ahead of the holiday shopping season.

„Fans will be able to buy anything from classic staples like T-shirts to seasonal apparel, including hoodies, crewnecks and tanks“ featuring the company’s „iconic logo,“ a rep said. „The Pride Collection will also be available all year long. The site also carries accessories, including beanies, dad caps, bags, towels and phone cases. SeanCody plans on expanding into other categories, such as underwear, within the next year.“

A new ad campaign, shot in the company’s San Diego studio, features fan-favorite models Asher, Brysen, Caden, Cody, Dax, Deacon, Kyle and Sean.

Visit the online merch store here and follow Sean Cody on Twitter and TiKTok.


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